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Learn, Improve and Invent the Future!

Inventing the Future is the online educational platform of Centro per lo Sviluppo Creativo “Danilo Dolci” which includes all our digital learning offer developed in the last years.
If you are an educator, an employer, an employee or a young person looking for new learning opportunities, let’s discover the course which fits you!

Courses on:

Digital Literacy
Emotional education
Language learning

Featured Courses

How can I enroll to a course?

In Inventing The Future, you can enroll to 2 types of courses:

Hosted in the platform

Go to the section “Featured Courses”, follow the instructions provided on the page of the course; in a few steps you’ll be registred and you can start your learning path.

Hosted by external platforms

Go to the page “Courses”, select the one which is close to your interest and click on the button “Go to the Course”. You’ll be redirected to the course hosting platform. From there, few steps will help you in the enrollment procedure and you will be able to start.

Both type of courses are open and free.
For further information, please, contact: